Edible Eastbourne

The Edible Eastbourne group is your space to connect with like minded people who are part of an increasing desire o create a strong, local and sustainable food systems in Eastbourne
and build community.

Unfortunately due to recent increased Spammer activity we will now have to ask potential members a few questions by PM before approving membership, we welcome local people and people interested in the Incredible Edible and Transitions movements from all over but not spammers please.

This group is the place to, post food related thoughts,pictures and links, ask questions, share your food triumphs from growing to eating and get together with people to start projects and probably a lot more.

We also have a page which is more like a website, with news of projects, events, what others are doing around the world and useful information.

Together we are powering a wave that will carry us to a place of greater food sovereignty. through growing and distributing food locally, growing with more care for the earth, creating community gardens, frugality, re-purposing, seed saving, preparing nutritious food, learning how to grow and use medicinal herbs, home made cleaning and beauty preparations and so much more..

Some guidelines

Feel free to post what you want. This is a forum for everyone who is interested in helping make this town more edible! We humans love a look into somene else's life. so don't be shy in sharing what you are doing in your garden, kitchen or community groups. So, share away.. and a good picture always helps.

Worth remembering as you post that writing does not have a voice tone or body language to soften what might seem harsh and it is often easy to misunderstand or misconvey meaning. A good question to ask before assuming is

What do you mean by X? It works every time.. and is often surprising how far off track we are in our supppositions!

If you are a food related business and have services or something to sell or an event to promote, it would be nice to see you posting some useful hints and tips. You will achieve far better results by engaging with the group first.

If you have community food related events that you want to share, feel free to create an event on the group page and again, a picture helps keep the page lively.

Be nice to each other.

We are all hear to learn and to teach

Politics and religion are contentious subjects, so please tread carefully

As Incredible Edible Todmorden say ' if you eat, you're in.' Vegans, Organics, Meat eaters and all. This is an open movement and we will are committed to sharing nformation about kindlier, less toxic, healthier and more sustainable, future-proof, ways of growing, distributing and preparing local food .