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The EDLIS Café is the Facebook Group for general discussions of Bob Dylan's work, concerts and related topics.

Pour yourself a coffee (we have not yet hired any serving staff) sit back and join in. There is music here at night and revolution in the air...

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Everyone is friendly, no one is ever unpleasant, and all are welcome. It is really boring if a small number of people dominate the conversation. YOU have the solution. Post something. Just be yourself, don't imitate the more outrageous dudes, and if your English is weak post in any language you like, with or without an English translation.

The EDLIS Café is devoted to the discussion of Bob Dylan, his music, art and welding, and other things Dylan-related. We welcome your constructive comments on nearly any issue, even if it's only tangentially associated with Bob Dylan. There is no official Dylan fan club, so small packs of Dylan fans band together to stay informed and carry on general discussion. This particular café was opened on July 31, 1989 by Tom Buckley. You may recall it housed in another structure on Usenet News called alt.music.dylan which we then gerrymandered into rec.music.dylan. You can still post there but do also post a copy here. For trivia that need not last use the Wall. For important information start a Doc.

Sometimes it seems that all we're interested in are upcoming tour dates and clarification of fact regarding old recordings, but there is often very interesting discussion of Dylan's lyrics themselves, a reason that no doubt many of you come here. If you don't see the sort of discussion you want, you're encouraged to bring it up yourself! Many people criticise the content and tenor of postings but few praise those they like. If you see a posting which is just what you like to see why not message the poster privately and say so. Many good posters cease contributing because they are not getting any feedback. And use the Like button where you see it below something you like. The way to ensure the EDLIS Café is to your liking is to encourage postings you like and to contribute yourself!

Now, please.

And don't stay up too late until you wonder what’s the matter with you, until you don’t have much to say, daylight sneakin’ through the window and you're still in this all-night café. Walkin’ to and fro beneath the moon out to where the trucks are rollin’ slow sit down on this bank of sand and watch the river flow...