Edmonton Connections for the new & experienced Models/MUA'S/Photographers

Here is the place for making connections and discussing photoshoot ideas with new or experienced photogaphers as well moels.Posting opportunities and concepts for events and also to invite other models, photographers and makeup/hair artists to get to know one another. This is also another way for everyone in the industry an want to be can keep tabs on what everyone is doing and have abit more of a private way of sharing photos, experiences with photographers, and exchanging plans for shoots. I really do think that if we put a little effort in we can easily gain each other more work experience and opportunities, whether paid or TFP. Feel free to post whatever you like, promote your business page or portfolio and share details of the industry or experiences you've had in the past or dreams for the future. If you feel the same then let's spread the love and begin booking one another and discussing ideas!!

Contact Irene Letang for any questions/concerns within the group :)