Edmonton Illusions Social Club

Welcome to the Edmonton chapter of the Illusions Social Club. A safe, secure, and discreet social setting for cross-dressers and their sweethearts and friends. We encourage you to express your true self, and promote growth and moving forward with whatever your journey has in store for you. We also encourage your spouse or significant other to embrace the real you and discuss any issues they might have. We've all been in the closet at one point, so we know what you're going through.

ISC meets on the second Friday of the month at the Pride Centre of Edmonton, located at 10608-105 Avenue 8:00 P.M. with a social outing after each meeting! We sometimes gather for special outings, like shopping, dinner or a movie. Other events are posted throughout the month for those that like to get out and about. Check the web page for info. We encourage you to make that very important step and come to one of our meetings. Meetings are free for first time attendees and membership packages are also available.