Edmonton Rave Community

Welcome to the Edmonton Rave Community or ERC for short! A virtual community where electronic music enthusiasts can share events, music, pictures and be always up to date with Edmonton rave scene.

-TRY to post "EDM" related content
-Be respectful of others (No threats,bullying or racial/sexual preference insults tolerated)
-DO NOT TYPE IN CAPS (unless you MUST express yourself just don't make it a habit please)
-Sell tickets ONLY at face value(No Scalpers) [List Price] We will make it public to those that are out there scamming people. Make sure your tickets are legit before selling.
-Promoters do NOT undercut other promoters.
-Reposts will be removed so no spamming.
-No drug solicitation or other drug talk (harm reduction permitted, at discretion of the moderators)

Not following these rules may result in a deleted post, warning, kick from the group, and/or a ban. Have fun! Get involved!

*If you have tried to join and got denied it is because we may have viewed your profile and deemed you a spam account. If we are wrong please feel free to contact an admin.