EDM Bedroom Producer 2.0

Better version of EDM Bedroom Producers.
1. Don't post pics/videos not related with producing. (EG. cute cat video)

2. Don't upload phone recordings because the quality is bad, therefore post
a video of your screen recorder ALSO with a soundcloud link in the facebook video description.

3. No bullying, insulting or any kind of aggression.

4. Don't post "had to do it" videos. (Sampling someone's voice, action, etc. then making a lame ass song of it)

5. Don't spam your soundcloud/tracks under posts of others. (Unless it says "post your soundcloud").

6. No posts gloryfying any DJs, Producers, venues, tracks, etc.

7. No DJ Mag100 posts. (That's what EDM Bedroom Producer group is for).

8. No "follow for follow", "vote for vote" etc. posts.

9. No ghost producing. (It's all about the self creativity.)

10. Do not spam. One post is enough.

11. No "suggest me /someone else a DJ name" posts.

12. No links to pirated software.

13. No nudity or any sort of sexual attraction on your soundcloud link picture to attract more viewers.

14. The admin is ALWAYS right, no matter what the rules say.

15. Do not shitpost.

16. No excessive self promotion.

17. No "online mastering" services. Except if it is free. (We all know you cracked ozone and just picked some shitty presets to make it louder.)

18. "Look a famous producer liked my picture/video/dickpic"; we don't care, it's a fucking bot. Post it and you will get insta perma banned.

Not applying to the rules will result an instant ban.

1. Videos get more attention than soundcloud links.
2. Free pack: http://www.mediafire.com/…/EDM+Bedroom+Producers+2.0+Pack+V…
3. Admins reply fast to mixing, composing, sound design related questions. Emoticon smile
4. Editing your video will make your video much more likely to get more attention than ordinary ones.

Feel free to ask for feedback.

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