EDM Photographers


Must be 18+ to join.

1. Everything you post must be EDM & Photography/Videography related. Don't stray from this subject please.

2. Everything must follow Facebook's Terms of Service. (No nudie pics of raver girls please).

3. If you have more than one photo to show us (at one time) make sure you do so in the same post. No more than 3 photos in one day (unless you are a senior member). Multiple posts with one image can quickly become annoying. Facebook now let's you post several photos at once. Feel free to link to your portfolios and/or Flickr/Tumblr ect...

4. This group is for photographers and videographers ONLY! Please do not add promoters, publication reps, artists or fans to this group.

5. No selling gear (or any other stuff) in the group. Use Craigslist!

6. Respect each other in the group. I cannot stress how important this rule is. We don't appreciate assholes in the group. Play nice!

7. What is said or posted in the group STAYS in the group. Do not copy or screen cap anything that is posted in this group and share with any non-members. No sharing photos that are posted in the group outside of the group. They may be unpublished. Please respect each other's privacy. If I hear that you used information that was posted in the group to harm a fellow member it’s an automatic ban.

8. You must be active in the group. We frown upon lurking or inactivity. If I notice that you are not participating within the group regularly you will be removed.

9. Please do not post any photographer requests in the group. If someone is looking to hire a photographer for a show from the group please direct them to [email protected]

Admin reserves the right to ban any member for breaking the above rules or lack of general photographer ethics. Phished accounts or obvious spamming will result in an automatic ban.

If you are having any issues within the group feel free to inbox me or text me at 956-309-9816 (If texting let me know who you are) I can't always be online, so I'll get to you as soon as I can. See I even give you my number. No excuse to not let me know of an issue.

If you are an artist, manager, publication, venue or promoter looking to hire a shooter in this group please email me at [email protected]

-Rebecca Britt (Admin)