English Electric Lightning Appreciation Group

The EELAG is a group dedicated to the memory of the only British designed and built supersonic fighter/interceptor.
Launched in 1960 and used frontline by the RAF until it was de-commissioned in 1988 the English Electric Lightning scoured the skies of both the UK and further afield protecting them against the threat of enemy aircraft.
All who either worked on or flew these beautiful aircraft hold them dear as a superb plane that was a joy to fly but could sometimes be very unforgiving.
Due to CAA rulings, these may never fly the UK skys again, South Africa until 2009 was THE place to see them take to the skies , but due to a fatal accident all have at present been grounded.
The United States is now the only place to witness a Lightning in action, though Bruntingthorpe, Leics has two in taxiable condition (F3 XR728 and F6 XS904 ). Whilst the only running T5 is based at Cranfield (XS458 ).
Therefore this group has been set up to post both archive and current photographs plus details of all the different versions, from the first (P1) to the last (F6).
I would like to also dedicate this site as a memory of everyone who both developed, maintained and flew the EE Lightning.
Lest we forget.