Effective Altruism

Effective altruism is an intellectual and social movement that applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. You can check out the EA Wikipedia page here:

If you'd like suggestions for getting more involved, please visit the actions pages here:
http://effectivealtruismhub.com/actions and http://eaaction.org/

This is a group for sharing content or asking questions relevant to effective altruism. Two bits of housekeeping: if you're posting something on this page that's not of obvious relevance, please indicate the relevance in your description. And please keep threads self-contained by avoiding creating threads about other threads.

This group serves as a safe and friendly space to bring people together. Members who're disrespectful or hostile to others may receive a temporary or permanent ban. When this is happens, we will post an explanation in the relevant thread. This is very rare, but we want to make sure all our members feel welcome and respected. We also take other actions in less extreme cases like messaging members personally. Please feel free to message a moderator with any questions or concerns you may have. You can find us by clicking "members" then changing "all members" to "admins."

Finally, we encourage you to use this group as a way to explore effective altruism and meet like-minded people. Please consider posting an introduction in the pinned post and becoming friends with others from the group. We look forward to seeing you around! smile emoticon

More resources:

There are many local groups listed here:

The EA Handbook contains some important essays about effective altruism:

.impact is a collaborative platform for launching or helping with EA projects:

The EA forum hosts further EA discussions:

EA Hangout is a place for EAs to chat, relax, and 'chill out' with other effective altruists:

There's a private self-help group available to effective altruism community where people discuss struggles with personal relationships, mental health issues, financial difficulties, etc. Please send a message to Jacy if you'd like to join:

There are many other niche and interest groups. Feel free to ask a mod if you're looking for something specific. Thanks! smile emoticon