The Emali Gunawardena Fund for Sri Lankan Children in Need

Emali Gunawardena, the founder of this charity, began her conquest to help underprivileged children in Sri Lanka at the tender age of 13. Her dream to make a difference was realised after witnessing firsthand the lack of medical facilities and limited access to education available to these children. She was determined to raise money as a means to assist in any way possible.

Emali successfully taught herself to dance, focussing on the Indian dancing style of Bollywood, by studying Indian dance routines in various Hindi films. With persistence and lots of hard work she perfected and showcased her new-found talent, raising £650 for underprivileged children in Sri Lanka who were awaiting heart surgery.

Emali continued to refine her skills and held further fund-raising performances and events. The Emali Gunawardena Fund became a registered charity in 2003.