Egyptians in Munich - Ägypter in München

This group is aimed mainly to the Egyptian community currently living in Munich, Germany, and their interested German friends.

1) Building a platform to ease communication between the Egyptians living in Munich, on both the social as well as the professional level.
2) Bridging connections with German friends interested to get in contact with Egyptians and/or Egypt.
3) Supporting to maintain close connection with former Egyptians resident in Munich.
4) Active collaboration with the society in Munich to represent the Egyptian culture.
5) Participating or supporting activities in Egypt on the economical, educational, or cultural levels.


The group is conceived on an open culture methodology, where free opinion exchange is welcomed and encouraged. The language and style is made as far as possible readable to the Egyptians as well as Germans. The members are welcomed to exchange their experiences and ideas which help in achieving the goals of the group. In order to maintain the culture necessary for achieving these goals, the following rules are put in action.

1) The management of the group is established by its creator, and the further administrators selected to carry out certain or general tasks.
2) The group administrators are to be approved by the group creator.
3) The group is made a "closed group" by default in order to allow for a sufficient control on its membership.
4) The group managers have the right to remove any unsuitable posts, add, and remove members from the group when necessary.
5) Religion-related topics are considered wrongly placed in the group, and hence must be removed by the group managers.
6) Support of a certain political party or direction by announcements or posting is as well not accepted in the group. The only exception is the posting of news about upcoming political events like demonstrations or media interviews will be allowed but without consequent comments or debating on the group wall.
7) The languages accepted are Arabic, English, and German. It is however preferred to use English or German in order to give the chance for all members to read.
8) The rules will be kept public and reachable to all members.
9) The members are encouraged to suggest other members to the group managers, who in turn must evaluate their suitableness to be added.