Egyptian`s Community In Kuwait ( ECK )

is to attract egyption people.
and engage those of our generati...on in meeting our unique ideas, We do all kind of activities, including concerts, sports activities, dinners,
and other events, all in the context of Egyptian community

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For HELP please contact admin's :-
Akrm Adel
Wael Magdy
Yousef Afifi

Egyptian's Community In Kuwait
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1. No advertising. Advertising is not allowed in any way, shape or form!

2. Do not post links to ANY other facebook pages or groups, even if they are great, useful, sacred, or relevant from your own point of view!

3. Respect other members . Do NOT make fun of anyone in a humiliating way. If you ever get misunderstood, an apology might be a good idea. Also, try as much as you can to maintain your discussions in a constructive and positive spirit.

4. Do not annoy other Group members by sending unsolicited messages and/or requests. Respect the privacy of other members.

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