Egyptian Geeks

Important Rules - READ FIRST

- Job posts are NOT allowed here, post them to EgyptianGeeksJobs instead

- If you ask a question, you MUST explain what research you did before asking

We have ZERO tolerance of violating posts. They'll get deleted with no warning


Egyptian Geeks group is made to share knowledge, experience even Geeks jokes can posted or shared between all our members.

Who is this group for:
- Software Engineers/Developers.
- UX / UI Designers.
- Business Analysts.
... not just Egyptians, but any Arab or Arabic speaking or those who are interested in those markets.

Things we would like to avoid in our Group:
one of the main reason that we keep our group growing is our NON-SPAM contents, helpful topics, sharing problems and solutions and YOUR Participation :) . We will appreciate your help in keeping this group SPAM FREE and into the point. such as "Ads, Non-Free Courses, etc..."

AUTO-POSTING Apps-bots are not permitted in our Group.

WE ARE NOT GOOGLE! Do your research before posting any question. Don't waste our time and efforts while you didn't do the minimum to resolve your problem.

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