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Writer/ Creator Steve Ekstrom

Ekstrom is an American journalist, award-winning poet, and soon-to-be up and coming comic book writer. Currently, his work can be found regularly on Newsarama.com--where he provides articles on a wide range of subjects in the comic book industry as well as movie and book reviews.

Ekstrom also occasionally writes for the Pop Culture blog Shotgun Reviews which is run by fellow Newsarama.com writer, Troy Brownfield. He also briefly reported news as a blogger for Fangoria.com.

His first short story, BREAKFAST, was published in March 2008 by 803 Studios in their horror anthology, SEQUENTIAL SUICIDE: SLOP, and reprinted again in NEGATIVE BURN #20 by Desperado Publishing in July 2008.

BREAKFAST is being published for a third time, in color, in Tin Star Studios' BLISTER anthology.

His second short story, HAUNTED, with artist Doug Draper and colorist Jesse Turnbull is currently looking for a home.

In July 2009, Ekstrom, along with artist Mikael Bergkvist and colorist Jesse Turnbull, competed in Zuda Comics monthly webcomics competition with THE ARES IMPERATIVE. Their comic placed third in the competition and recorded over 52,000 unique views in the one month period.

To read the 8 page submission, go here:

Currently, Ekstrom is hard at work on several new projects; including a new suspense-thriller OGN with comic book artist Rob G (The Couriers, Repo, Dead West, Detective Comics) on an untitled project.