Good Hope Secondary School Under New Management and Ownership

Taken Over By ELCORP Education Consultancy (ELEC) To Demonstrate Effective And Quality Education Management To Act As A Model School In Bundibugyo.
Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
Nyahuka Road, Bundibugyo Town, is majorly meant to uplift the education standards in Bundibugyo district and create awareness among the populance of the the diverse education opportunities ripe in Uganda. It also serves to provide several education services such as;-
Bursaries, Inspirational Talks, Career Guidance,Facilitation (Preparation of Candidates), Education Literature (Books, Exams and Movies ), Placement (Finding Vacancies in institutions), Tutorials (Remedial Classes), Writing Speeches, Reports, Projects Proposals, Autobiographies and Biographies. Language Improvement
Children’s Education Series and So much More.