Brief History:

The Eldoret Polytechnic is one of the middle level college in the country. The college was sponsored by the European Economic Community (EEC) under the ministry of Science and Technology. The Polytechnic Foundation stone was laid in 1985 The first group of students were admitted in 1988 after the completion of the first phase. The college was officailly inaugurated by His Excellency the Former president Daniel Arap Moi on 25th September 1990.

The institution carters mainly for form four school leavers and those who are employed in the industries and other related institutions, who may wish to aquire relevant skills to improve the performance of their duties. The programs assist the students to raise in status in their organizations.

The roles and purpose of the Eldoret Polytechnic are:


Provide increased training opportunities for the increasing number of school leavers that will enable them to be self supporting.

To develop practical skills and attitudes which will lead to income earning activities in the urban or rural area through salaried employment or self employment.

To produce graduets who can apply scientific knowledge in finding solutions to environmental problems.

To encourage self employment while at the same time producing skilled artisans technicians and technologist for both formal and informal sectors at the ration of 1 technologist to 5 technicians to 30 craftsman or artisans(1:5:30).

The main aim of Eldoret Polytechnic is to increase the out put of middle level skilled manpower for the industrial and commercial development in Kenya.

The objectives are;

* To train middle level skilled man power
* To improve qualities of existing courses through their relevance to the present and future needs of the public sector, industry and commerce.
* Improve students capability in practical work by providing appropriate workshop and laboratory facilities.
* Development of relevant personal skills and competence in order to prepare for immidiate gainful employment in middle level technical and managment not only on a regional scale but also nationally.

Eldoret Polytechnic
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