e-Learning in Developing and Developed Countries

The challenges facing e-learning in developing countries are ongoing and require everyone's attention. Global learning and cultural exchange via e-learning can unite and contribute to co-existence and world peace. Therefore, we have created a group on Facebook to collaborate and hopefully bridge the digital gap so that all learners can benefit from e-learning. Please join the group so we can collectively search for ways to promote, develop, and encourage others to see the value of connecting the world via e-learning.

What are some of the challenges developing countries face in implementing e-learning programs? How can we work together to overcome barriers? What are some of the success stories? Join us to better understand the realities and to propose solutions.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your interest in e-learning and join the free e-learning courses: http://www.wiziq.com/IT4ALL

For those interested in contributing and/or learning, there are free professional development courses via Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) Moodle and on Moodle for Teachers on how to integrate technology and teach online or blended using Moodle at http://moodle4teachers.org/ and http://integrating-technology.com/moodle

This is a members-only open group. Please do not use this site to advertise anything for sale to the members ... that's not what this is for. We also do not tolerate bullying ... no use of foul or threatening language against any member. The administrators reserve the right to remove anyone from this group at any time for any reason, with no appeal.