Jonesboro And Surrounding Areas Electronics Yardsale

The rules are simple in this group
1. This group is strictly for electronics or items related to electronics
2. Only bump once a day
3. Tell every detail about the item, I do not allow you to sell something to someone when you know you are lying about something that is wrong with it or lying about the quality.
4. You are only allowed 1 no show... after that you will be banned from the group.
5. No drama on posts, contact an admin if you have an issue with a transaction or a site member(s)
6. No stolen objects.
7. If you can’t meet someone in Jonesboro or the towns surrounding the city then do not create a post. Example: Posting a pickup only item in Corning, Newport, or Blytheville is unacceptable.
Item Specifics
1. Notebooks must include the specs on the Operating System, LCD, Processor, RAM, HDD, Optical Drive.
2. No computer shall be posted for sale with pirated software such unlicensed copies of Windows, Office, ETC..
3. Phones shall be free of liquid damage, If the phone has a red indicator on the phone or battery LIQUID DAMAGE must be posted in CAPS on the title or listed AS-IS for parts. I strive to make sure people have good transactions so please follow this rule. Selling a liquid damaged phone to a person will result in IMMEADIATE BAN if reported.
4. TV’s MUST have the model number posted, No exceptions.