The Eleventh Hour--Urgent Animal Rescue Network

This group is for networking shelter dogs and cats who are most urgently in need of a hero. We are their last hope for survival and our goal is to get them placed with a foster family or adopter to save their lives.

Only those pets who have no options left should be posted in this group. All animals' lives are equally precious but many of the dogs and cats at ACS are released to EBI (Euthanasia By Injection) with little or no warning and we are often racing against the clock to save them. It CAN be done, it HAS been done, and our objective is to make it happen.

This is a closed group for a reason, so PLEASE do not add members who are not here for the express purpose of fulfilling our mission. We will not crosspost here or do general networking because we have to focus on animals who are in immediate, imminent danger of being euthanized, so please keep it limited to them.

I shouldn't have to say this but just in case it becomes necessary, we are all adults here and I expect everyone to act accordingly. If I see anyone attacking or slandering another member or in any other way acting a fool, that person or persons will be removed from the group and will not be invited back. This is all about the animals, so check the attitudes and grandstanding at the door because it will NOT be tolerated here.

We all need to vent our frustrations at times or take a "mental health moment", seek advice or just chitchat with friends, and I have no problem with thread drift and open conversations as long as it doesn't become so distracting that we forget what we're here for. I will ask however that if I or another admin pins a post for any reason, please refrain from getting off-topic on that particular thread because pinned posts will be reserved for critically emergent situations ONLY.

Please feel free to post memes or pictures to keep things positive and upbeat, as long as they contain no offensive material and are relevant to what we are doing here. Ideas, advice and educational posts are encouraged because we are, after all, a Village and we need to help each other out and stay connected. Just keep it classy and we'll be fine.

My goal is to eventually create a FB page solely dedicated to emergent cases with teams of fosters, rescue liaisons and transporters who will work together efficiently and quickly to save these animals, but it is a work in progress and I want to see how well this works before doing so.