Elite Solos

Welcome to Elite Solos!

BUY, SELL, SWAP and BANK in here, but also share your tips and valuable knowledge to help other succeed in this business.

Under the "Files tab" two spreadsheets are uploaded:
"Elite Solos - Trusted Sellers" & "Elite Solos - Blacklisted Sellers"

Those are my personal experiences. I want to expand them with your experiences. This way we can help each other to avoid the scammers, who only want your money without giving the service we are paying for! If you have been cheated please send me the the name and I will add the person to the blacklist, with your name as reference of course.

A blacklisted seller cannot be a member of this community. This person will be banned if the blame is proven.

Feel free to invite everyone you like. All people with a clean history will be granted access, if their Facebook profile page seems legit and personal (not fake!).

We wish you a happy time in here ;)

Lester & Thomas