Elk Valley Garage Sale

NO CLOTHING or SHOES ALLOWED - except sporting gear (no ski jackets)
We have another group just for clothing and footwear, please feel free to join and post your clothing there :)


When someone comments on your item, it shows they are interested. That person should be first in line (unless you received a PM beforehand).

DO NOT ADD MULTIPLE PHOTOS TO THE SAME POST. Please add one photo at a time, with a description. When adding multiple photos to one post, the description does not show up on each photo.
Also, please don't add multiple photos of the same item with different views, for example, with a vehicle, just add 1 photo, then add the remaining photos in the comments under your photo. Most people scroll through the photos, not the wall, so when they click on one of your photos which you have posted in a multiple photo post, the info you added in your original post does not show up.
If you are selling something which requires many photos, such as a home, please create an album.
Include location and price with your photos.

Photos may be added every 2 weeks and will only be kept on this site for 2 weeks, then they are deleted. You may re add them after 2 weeks if your item has not sold. You may bump your photo only once, after 1 week. Delete your photos when your item has sold. If you cannot figure out how to do this, please write "sold" on your photo and we will delete it for you.

Please keep negative comments to yourself, I will not tolerate drama or rude comments in this group..if you cannot be nice, you will be deleted. If you have a problem with what someone is posting, then send them, myself or Shirley a private message. Do NOT comment on their post. Be respectful, harassing members will not be tolerated.

There are a few ways to delete. 1) put your mouse on the right side of your post, click on the down arrow and delete. 2) on the top right of the page, click on the magnifying glass, type in your name to find your post or any post you commented on. 3) on your Iphone, simply touch and hold your finger on the photo, the delete option will pop up.