El Paso Yard Sales

Open to the public! No major rules here. Please only descent stuff for sale. You may post about jobs or any other thing as long as it not illegal. Thanks!
If you post more than 3 photo's please make an album, there will be no bumping more than 4 times a day, delete items as soon as they are sold, and no posting the same thing more than once a day

To Make an Album: when you go to the window to "write Post" click the "add Photo/Video" just to the right of it , you have 3 options when you do "Upload Photo/Video," "Use Webcam" and "Create Photo Album" Click on Create Photo Album and you can add multiple pictures into a single album.

If you post OBO and make a deal with someone and even set up a point and time of pick up/delivery, DO NOT decide to just not show up and try to sell it from under that person through texts or messaged to another person. We can not control when the buyer's no show but the seller no showing is not allowed.

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchased product you must handle it with the seller. If that seller is being difficult, please inform one of the Admins so that we can take further action and deem what is necessary. Within a timely manner.

Scams are not accepted in this group.


1) People are selling at whatever price they want. If it's too much and someone wants to buy it fine. If you don't like it, move on. People are afraid of posting prices because someone will try to undersell them or make negative comments.

2) If you are selling something at a lower cost than anyone else, sell on your own post.

3) Don't try to sell something as original if it's not.

4) Cyber bullying will not be tolerated. Period.

5) There will be no animal sales or rehoming. There are other sites for that. Don't post trying to rehome or don't ask for someone to sell you an animal.

6) Don't sell or ask for illegal or unethical stuff.

7) There will be no scams allowed.

8) If selling a purse of a wallet and claiming it is authentic, we ask that you please post more pictures showing the inside and outside.

9) If you made a deal with someone, we expect you to try your best to honor your word. This includes an agreed upon price or seller and buyer showing up. Other than emergencies, if a party sends evidence that they tried to contact the other person to fix things between them, but could not, the person flaking out could be banned.