ELSA Couchsurfing

Dear ELSArians,

For all ELSArians looking for or offering those two square metres of floor, a mattress or a bed in another city.

Meant for ELSA members only (be it former or present), the community is far more close-knit than regular Couchsurfing.

Feel free to invite your friends from our organisation, feel free to edit the list if you want to offer some space, feel free to ask if you need it.

And if you are a CouchSurfer, you can also join the related CS group:
http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=44809 (ELSA only)

Posts that are not couchsurfing-related will be deleted. Also, please, don't use the group chat.

Enjoy! :)

Paweł /tuner/ Krzywda
HR ELSA Poznań 2009/2010