ELSA Foundation

E.L.S.A. Foundation Our Foundation is a non-
profit 501(c)(3) " Entertainment Legends of
San Antonio Foundation" Goals and
Objectives: To preserve, foster and promote our Tejano / Latino culture through music, film, dance, comedy, radio, television, song writers and any future media. Internet Radio Stations
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Section 2.0: Purposes of the ELSA Foundation
As set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, the ELSA Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, social, cultural enrichment and educational purposes. These purposes include: to preserve, foster and promote Tejano/Latino culture through music, film, dance, comedy, radio, television and any future media.
Section 2.1: Mission Statement of the ELSA Foundation
The ELSA Foundation shall endeavor to keep Tejano music and culture relevant for our future generations. In so doing, the ELSA Foundation shall receive charitable donations for the purpose of sponsoring charity events, promoting music fairs and social dances, compensating musicians as mentors and music educators, commissioning visual artists, and holding a centralized location to archive Tejano music history for promoting the legends of Tejano art and music.
2013.2014 Visit our official website at www.elsa-foundation.org

E.L.S.A. Foundation Sponsored and supported Artist

Entertainment Legends

Sunny Ozuna, Jimmy Edward

TTMA New Artist Female Nominees 2013-2014

Audi Castillon Portales, Sylvia Gomez Navarro

TTMA New Male Artist Nominees 2014

Tony Barragan, Adam Ramirez, Serapio Herrera

TTMA 2013- 2014 New Group Nominees:

Tony Barragan y Mixed Company, Adam Ramirez y Grupo Ambixion, Serapio Herrera y 50/20, Audi y Zintimiento, Sylvia G Navarro y Grupo Imagen, Los Perdidos

Legendary Song Writer

Humberto Beto Ramon

Sandy G y Los Gavilanes, Daniel Mendoza, Izaya Burciaga, Lobo IV

Marlissa Vela, Yvette Cruz ,Grupo Lumbre , Juanito Castillo

Sabor Latino Legacy, Grupo Zinmedida, Grupo Lumbre, Veronque Medrano,

Los Morros De Calif, Shawn Michael Tejano Breeze, Marcus Daniels,

Sister Sister y Los Misters, Sarah Monique, Grupo Lumbre, Revo LiveBand

Jasmin " Jazzy" Sillero\

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