Embroidery Critic

I've looked around many groups and can't seem to find one for giving thumbs up or down to designs (or a 5 star rating). So a few weeks ago I started rating things I've stitched out based on price, quality of design, stitch speed, instructions (for applique), stitch out, etc. etc, etc. I also make notes if I had a problem and if I had to ask the designer for assistance, how helpful they were etc. Most groups I'm a member of is so helpful from both members and admins. Some, on the other-hand get so upset when you post criticism on their page about a design, even if its a general how-to question. This page is strictly for constructive criticism designs. Please post a picture of what you are stitching out, good or bad, post your machine, what format you used and what stabilizers you used and your thoughts of how it stitched out. Give it a 5 start rating each category

Price: (cheap/fair/expensive is good enough you don't need the actual price)
Quality of design:
How quickly the design stitched out:
How good were the instructions:
Missed stitches:
Format you used and hoop size

If you had any problems did you contact the designer? Were they helpful? Quick response time etc. Also, did you enlarge the design or make any changes to make it work for you.

Remember not everyone is going to have the same opinion when it comes to a design. some one may have a great stitch out where others may not. Let it be constructive criticism only as what may work for one may not work for another and while we as embroiderers come from all different levels so do the designers. The hope is that if one of us have an issue and someone else has a success then please share your tips. If several keep having the same issue then perhaps its something beyond our control and we can just take note of that through reading the reviews before purchasing a design. no bashing and be mindful of everyone's opinions :)