Embroidery Motifs from Old Dutch Samplers

Embroidery Motifs from Old Dutch Samplers is an inspiring book by Albarta Meulenbelt-Nieuwburg. It has approx. 700 motif designs that can be used to create new designs or maybe just to play with overdyed threads on small designs.

This group was created for multiple purposes. One is to share ideas, resources and inspiration, experiences with different types of threads and color themes,etc. I love watching needleworkers go wild using old world designs and sampler styles and making them fresh with new world colors and materials that are available today. Hopefully to create your own style. If not confident enough to design your own sampler, this group can reference designs that are appeal to their sense of style and simply change the colors to customize you own style or mood. Sky is the limit!!

The other reason this group was created was for the banner on the top of the page. The banner is of an "Old Sampler" designed by Robyne Melia. The design was created from motifs of Albarta's book and Robyne's own vibrant sense of color. She's also shared detailed pictures if we want to make our own and I've taken up the task of charting it. When I'm done, I will share it with the group as a SAL in the same spirit that Robyne shared her detailed pictures. Be warned that the colors on the chart may not be the same colors she used. This is where the needleworkers sense of color will come in. i'm using DMC color references against the detail pictures and may be off.

I love history ... and the mystery of symbolism. The old world samplers tell a story. It's just a matter of knowing what each symbol or motif signifies.

Albums were created within this group to categorize things to make it easier to find. So far we have albums for...

-- Library books and magazines... feel free to post any books that we may have forgotten.
-- Blogs, websites and Galleries... of needlework designers that have sampler designs
-- SALS... that are open to join
-- Samplers of color, placement and style to get visuals

I do a lot of research (most times hurriedly) and every once in awhile I will forget to post the source. If I should do that, please feel free to correct me. I admit to being human.