Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)

The mission of Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is to support a sustainable and just peace in the lands of historic Palestine and to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians living within the Occupied Territories of Palestine, Palestinians living within the pre-1967 borders of the State of Israel, Palestinian refugees, and other members of the Palestinian diaspora. The organization aims to raise awareness of the Palestinian plight in order to mobilize our community behind the pursuit of justice with respect to international law and basic human rights. The Emory SJP seeks to educate Emory University and the greater community about the requisites of a sustainable and just peace while acknowledging the United States’ pivotal role in this conflict. The Emory SJP endeavors to abolish inaccurate stereotypes of Palestinians by fostering a more comprehensive understanding of Palestinian people, culture, and history through events and civil dialogues with other campus organizations. The Emory SJP works to accomplish these ends through a series of engaging, educational, and informative events to create an activist community that works against oppression and systemic injustice in Israel-Palestine and abroad.

We meet at 5:45 on Mondays at the Rita Anne Rollins Building in room 447!