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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping
Welcome to the EFT Tapping Facebook Group!

This is an open group to educate the general public on the merits of EFT Tapping based on energy meridian tapping. This group is not affiliated with any organization or corporation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not to be confused with EFT (Emotional Focused Therapy or FEFT Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation)

We encourage engagement, education, and discussion and to do that we ask that you adhere to the following guideline:

Keep all posts EFT relevant. This is an unabashedly EFT group after all.

There will be no promotional posts within the group.

Until it is proven that Tapping Scripts or Tap Along Videos do more good than harm we reserve the right to delete them from this group.

Instructional videos (including demonstration EFT videos of sessions), articles, and content that is EFT related are welcome but limited to one per person per week.

EFT events are allowed to be created in the events section. One event per person per week.

If you have any questions about these rules please contact the moderators/admin

You may be deleted from the group for disregarding the guidelines