Empath Social

Welcome to Empath Social!

This is a group where other empaths ...can interact and show support for one another.

We are here to help guide each other, learn, and meet more people who are empaths. This is an open forum, so as long as it is EMPATH RELATED, feel free to share!

If there are any problems, there are 2 active admins which are listed in the members screen. Moderators are listed here as well. Any issues such as: trolls/abusive behavior or posts that need to be reported, please do so. This way we can get the posts removed off the feed ASAP.

We are a group that is all about having tolerance, freedom of speech, EMPATHY and respect. Anyone who posts things not involved in the ways of an empath will be deleted. Multiple offenders banned.


Any off-topic threads in the main group may be deleted by admin without notice.

Acceptable posts:
* Informative articles about being an empath or similar
* Images/videos related to empathic lifestyle
* Ways to alleviate stress/anxiety/depression
* Sharing personal stories of living as an empath
* Healthy lifestyle tips related to helping an empath
* Holistic remedies TOWARD empathic issues

These are just examples of the posts we love to have at Empath Social. We understand that posts might slightly stray from an exact link to the subject of being an empath such as: astrology, parasychology, etc. We urge our members to stay as close to the topic as possible.

­Unacceptable posts/behavior:
Here are a list of type of posts that will be DELETED and/or result in member REMOVAL from the group (depending on the severity).

* Disturbing/graphic content
* Bashing, bullying, name-calling, or shaming any person or group of people is not acceptable.
* Harmful or dangerous advice is not appropriate in this group. Empath Social is not a replacement for professional help.
* Advertisements/solicitations
* Content that does not pertain to empathic learning/support
* Overposting
* Posts unrelated to empathic issues such as: complaints, rants, news/articles off-topic. We appreciate opinions but Empath Social is not your personal soapbox.
* Starting arguments/disagreements with group members or admins.
* Posting/asking for psychic readings
* Personal art/music/products and services websites or posts (we encourage your expression) but Empath Social is not for self promotion
* No religious posts (we are not affiliated with any religion)
* No confrontational subject matter will be posted
* No political posts
* Posts that don't make sense, ramble on with no clear intent, or make use of excessive foul language will not be posted.