Empower Network Freedom Team

Hey Everyone!

I just want to welcome you all to the Empower Network Offshore Freedom Team. I created this group as a place where we can all express ourselves safely and freely.

The group policy is that we should only ever add people who we have a personal connection with to the group.

Please respect this group as a place for sharing the Empower Network opportunity ONLY. No posting of other business opportunities or any other offers of any kind here will be tolerated. Those found to be doing so will see their posts deleted and be banned from the group permanently.

When you post EN content here, please understand the concept of "Reciprocity."

If someone "Likes" or "Comments" on your work or "Shares" it, it is only just that you would do the same for them. Those found to be 'taking' without 'giving' will also be banned

Remember, we are a team (Together Everyone Achieves More)

We all understand that if we focus on the 8 core steps that we CAN ALL CREATE 6 FIGURE INCOMES... but remember, it is a process... respect the process and WE WILL ALL HELP EACH OTHER GET THERE

Support your fellow Team Members and let's all WIN!!!

Just know each and every one of you are ROCKSTARS!

If you know others who might prosper from the mindset we present here ... please do invite them ... but please make sure they share our vision.

Yours in Prosperity!
Ron from The Offshore Freedom Team