Kingdom Concepts

THE VISION AND RULES OF THIS GROUP.....Our vision is to reach as... well as win the lost at any cost, as the primary mission of this group and ministry is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In carrying out this vision comes the providing of services such as: family counseling services, social services for the homeless, women's ministry, marriage ministry, as well as a powerful youth ministry within this five fold ministry. We look to not only have an impact just within the United States but all nations as well, as we allow God to break and destroy the yokes of sin and create a new heart in his people
In order to do this we ask that you plz follow these rules cussing hebrew or greek translations(stops confusion) posting of cussing or half exposed pics(this is not a dating site)
4.No debating(causes friction gets in the way of the Spirit) disrepecting another member
6 no advertising unless the admins approve of it before hand.
remember this is holy ground we must keep it holy ground for this vision to come to past. In this group and ministry we will do it the right way God's way. This group is made to encourage and strengthen relationships as well as help people realize What a successful relationship through Christ means. All is welcome to ask Apostle K. Carter about anything and he will reply inbox or in group Apostle also offer one on one sessions by request.. Apostle Konata Carter has Counselled married couples for years in Pre- marriage counseling as well as marriage Counseling. This group is just not limited to relationship just for saved people but counselings Tips and help from all walks of life.