ENDLESS LOVE (my love will see you through)

(My Love Will See You Through)
Was created as an added feature of original ENDLESS LOVE to expand and provide more flexibility to the members. Events will now be available as per agreed schedules and solicited sponsors.

The group was created for everybody, it made to become the center point of happy, in-sorrow, in-love, loving and GOD fearing individuals. If anyone of the members is/are in sadness and seeking moral support, advice and comfort they are free and open to post and share their inner feelings.
it is not limited to the above; members can post quotes, pictures, jokes and any other materials than can be beneficial to all members.

To continue seeking real and true friends, members are very much welcome to bring new members and free in exchanging quotes and post.

1. Members should be open-minded
2. friendly
3. Members should not offend other members
4. As much as possible, link or introduce the group to your friend/s.
5. Sweet to members is an added points
6. Good joker and high sense of humor are very much welcome
7. Sensitive members are welcome too but they should aware of the environment of this group
8.Members must know how to dance with the music.
9. Members should LOVE not JEALOUS
10. Members should support other members in case of assistant
11. Pointing fingers or throwing the blame to others are not welcome
12.Consult to the Creator and Admin if any members could not able to resolve any issues towards misunderstandings
13. Members are encouraged to post SPIRITUAL, INSPIRATIONAL,LOVING, CARING, and other beneficial thoughts, quotes and pictures.
14. Do not post bad words and NUDE/HUMAN ORGANS pictures(must speak TAGALOG and ENGLISH ONLY)
15. Members are welcome to cite their comments,suggestion, and recommendation for the improvement of this group.

-Creator and Admins