Energy Medicine Exchange.

This is an online group of Energy Medicine professionals and well-wishers who want to see a wider integration of their proven modalities into the main stream as well as to share a passion for healing and to chart a well-intended course for this passion to thrive! This FaceBook group is an open group. We wish to establish high ethical standards and promote an ongoing exchange of information pertinent to the group’s purpose.

The aims of our group are:

1) To promote 'Health Choice' and a wider access to energy medicine modalities - for students, healthcare professionals and individuals that seek care. With a complete data base of research and a network of qualified supporters we also seek to defend energy medicine wherever it is misrepresented or if ever a qualified practitioner is concerned.

2) To organize free on-line events for continuing education and to spread awareness of energy medicine modalities.

3) To collate and manage an independent database of all Energy Medicine devices and modalities for public accessibility to existing and future research at

4) To create a safe marketplace for our members and friends to access energy medicine tools and services.

Guidelines for posting:

Members are encouraged to express views freely in conversation, and are encouraged to interact with open minds and open hearts. This group welcomes varying perspectives in order to facilitate awareness of EM related issues. Participants are welcome to respectfully disagree with the ideas shared in conversation. However, when offering a differing insight, all members are to refrain from making derogatory or demeaning comments to any member of the group. Members who do not comply with these respectful guidelines, and who are not in line with the standards established by this group, including all relevant Facebook policies, may be banned from the group. For further information on guidelines for posting please refer to our Welcome document.

Members are requested not to make claims to cure, diagnose or heal anyone of any conditions in posts, threads or in private messages that occur as a result of a discussion on EME. The members are solely responsible for products and services promoted and advertised by them in the posts, conversations and private messages that occur as a result of a post shared in this group.

The founders / group administrators cannot be held liable for any damages incurred by choices made by the members or guests frequenting the group, based on information exchanged herein. By participating in this group, you agree to indemnify all group members from being responsible for your health and well-being.

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