English Group

Welcome to our effortless English Group!!
This group is created for several purposes. The most important purpose is to help those people who want to improve their English. For those who can speak and write English very well, please try to help others who are looking for English lessons. The more you contribute, the more all members can practice English. Please try to use only English in the group, that's if you want to learn and improve your English language. Moreover, we all from different countries and we speak different languages, so it's better to use one language which is understood by everyone.
Furthermore, in this particular group, we can exchange ideas and thoughts under a pure English circumstance. Besides, we can share our cultures, histories and make it exciting group. Feel free to ask any question related either to English or other subjects.
For the entertainment, you can post funny English quotes or pictures in order to create an atmosphere full of fun and happiness in the group.
with all respect for all of you ^_^