Welcome to the group English Development fro ESL / EFL.

English either as our second or foreign language can be sometimes problematic or worth of discussing. Here in this group we can share things on the purpose to improve our written English as well as its grammar, vocabulary.

We are looking forward to seeing your resourceful and inspiring post of English stuff which trigger and encourage our fellow members to share ideas or comments. Hopefully this group will be a gainful place for us.

1. Your posts, comments must be in English at all times, otherwise we will delete them.
2. Please be wise and polite by not sharing invitation to join into other groups.
3. Post no impolite picture, unless admins will delete them, and permanently block you if the similar stuff repeatedly posted.
4. No commercial and advertisement which is irrelevant with English learning. Any and all ads will be removed without warning
5. Since I cannot see each post, and you happen to find any inappropriate post, please do us a favour by clicking the "v' mark at the upper right ... and select "REPORT / MARK AS SPAM"
6. Spamming is not allowed
7. Blocking the admin is another reason for expulsion.

1) Any post that bears the same content that was posted more than twice on the same day will be considered a spam.
2) A repeated posting of comments within a post will also be considered a spam UNLESS it is a reminder to the other party of an unanswered question or as a means to draw the other party to the topic/issue at hand.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your membership here!