English Groups by WhatsApp, LINE, BBM, Skype

Welcome to the English Group by WhatApp, LINE, BBM, Skype...
Before you post something here, please pay attention to these things:

1. If you're having chitchat which is restricted between 2 persons, please think the others,
2. Always use English no matter what,except for some difficult words
3. Since this group is meant to improve our English,please dont hesitate to tell me/anyone the proper grammar/sentence/vocab if you find something wrong
4. Dont use too much stiker
5. Please introduce yourself,so we can know each other well :)

If there's something wrong / unappropriate or you disagree with rules above please tell us :)
We just want to make our group useful & convenient for everyone :)

Much obliged!
Via Ismail Wardana
From LINE EN&FS Group

If any member approaches another with sexual advances, that member will be removed.