The opening of this group has the purpose of making facebook more valuable space to raise the general knowledge , and improve the way of thinking .
This group is created by some Graduated English students from the University Farhet Abbes, Setif. And contains students, graduates and teachers from different universities.

The main goals :
- Speaking English is the main goal
-Respect the members of the groupe and no gossip or harm the other members because our goal is Improving our English
- Sharing good topics , and advantageous information in
different domains .

- Contributing in learning and improving languages .

- Posting questions in any or specific field of knowledge and getting the answer from other members in the same domain .

- Waking up the spirit of searching and seeking knowledge .

- Motivating to read , think , and enhancing the intellectual capacities .

- Acquiring the best manner of discussing .

- Raising the Ambition of innovation and creativity .
So please be Ambitious
- The Admin of this group have the right to delete the members who ae not respectful and who are not sharing knowledge with us .