English-Speaking Moms Living in Santiago, Chile

Open to all English-speaking moms living in Chile. Moms of all nationalities and age groups are welcome! I thought it would be interesting to set-up a group where we can get together, either in cyberspace or, better yet, in REAL space, to build friendships, share experiences and support each other while in a foreign country.

Criteria for Membership:

1. As the name of the group states, the group is only for moms (or expecting moms) who speak English and live in Chile - or WILL be living in Chile in the near future (I've expanded the group to include moms who live outside of Santiago but Facebook won't let me modify the name!)

2. Membership is reserved for individuals - not companies or organizations

3. This group is not to be used solely for marketing your business or professional services. Members are encouraged to promote their business or services from time to time, but if you're only joining this group to use it as a marketing vehicle and have no intentions of participating in it in any other way, then please don't join as your membership will eventually be revoked (YES! I'm an active administrator and work hard to maintain the integrity of this group - which is WHY it is so successful and enjoys over 1300 ACTIVE members!)

4. This group is not a "garage sale" or "for sale" type group and should not be used as such...Although members are encouraged to post their items for sale when they need to, it should not be used SOLELY for this purpose. If your only intention is to sell stuff in this group, please don't join as your membership will eventually be revoked. There are, however, plenty of Facebook groups available whose only function is to buy and sell goods, and I encourage you to join those groups and wish you the best of luck in selling your items :-)

IF YOU ARE NOT A MOM but have a service or business that you think would be of interest to members of this group (like babysitting or Spanish classes), feel free to private message me (Penny Ortega) and I would be happy to post your message on your behalf. Make sure to include the actual message you want me to post on your behalf along with your contact information so moms can get in touch with you directly.