English Staffy Loving Family

Welcome to the English Staffy Loving Family.

We are all here to share pictures, posts, information and education of our magnificent breed.

Only registered breeders may advertise stud or bitch enquiries, upcoming litters or puppies for sale. Breeders please make sure your breeders prefix and membership number is attached to the post.

Stud enquires are also welcome but you must be a current financial member of the ANKC state body in which state or territory that you reside in.

Any re homing must go through Admin first. Admin are always happy to help where we can. Any posts that don't have Admin approval will be deleted immediately.
We are not an adoption or selling animals page or family. But will always endeavour to help genuine re homing issues.

The rules are quite simple here... we ask that you be respectful, considerate and polite. If you have nothing nice to say or constructive criticism then say nothing.. If a post doesn't concern you don't get involved.
If there are any negative, abusive or threatening comments you will be removed immediately.

We run regular competitions in the family with fabulous prizes as well as other exciting things..

Above all we hope you enjoy our page and family as much as we all do..

If you have any issues, complaints or suggestions please contact any of our fabulous Admin team who will be more than happy to help you..

Tania Waite
Tealy Baunach
Jonah Hayward

Our motto:

There is only 1 Family……..English Staffy Loving Family

Welcome and enjoy our page.