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~~The Revolution of Consciousness Begins Within~~

In a world filled of much confusion, dis-ease, and disconnectedness we must step back from the reality we have some comfortably resided in - and we must venture into a new way of living; a new way of thinking; a new way of BEing.

We are all awakening in our own unique ways. We all have different perceptions, different understandings, different passions, different teachings, different experiences, different beliefs and the purpose of us being here together is to share all of what we have learned with one another. We can only evolve and grow together, not individually.

The intention of this group is to connect with each other to help bring a greater discussion to the principle teachings of spirituality, science, self-empowerment, self-development, enlightenment, sacred geometry, energetic practices and much much more. Please do not limit the discussion to this brief list; it is highly encouraged to talk about everything that you love and have learned and want to share.

The only guideline is that the content or message that you are posting must align with positive, loving, and truthful information. This is not a place to spread dis-ease, negativity, hate or disinformation. Disinformation is a tricky area- there is so much information out there that words are bound to get twisted, ideas bound to get mislead, misconceptions are inevitable…and since we are here to help each other grow and learn, we must not put down others that have posted "disinformation." We ask that if you find information to be false, please bring it to attention but discuss the subject in a logical, understanding and compassionate way. Please bring awareness to the truth of the subject, but be nice about it.

Post anything you want from informative or inspirational books and documentaries to news articles or stories from independent media outlets to your own questions, teachings, experiences, favorite quotes to professionally asking people to support your page or your work. BUT! Please keep the messages positive and focused with the people in mind, not money in mind. Obvious abuse of this will result in a ban.

Any thoughts and comments shared in this group do not directly reflect the opinions or views of the admins or owner. This is a place for the people to gather and to connect.

Together we can change the world. WE are the ones we have been waiting for. As Ram Dass puts it…."We're all just walking each other home.”

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~ Namaste ~ ♥

❈ Where we help guide ~ Awaken ~ Share Joys ~ Spread love ~ Expand and Enlighten in Consciousness ॐ

In this vast, constantly expanding universe, we can not always control what happens on the outter although we can persist to better what happens within. As an effect, we reflect what is taking place within.
- Richie Holterman