Entrepreneur Performance by Jim Lutes

Say the name Jim Lutes and chances are a top performer in your company has attended one or more of his dynamic trainings over the last few years.

Having taught his branded form of human performance since the early 1990s, Mr. Lutes has accelerated top level entrepreneurs throughout his career by conducting trainings on personal growth into worldwide markets.

In his early twenties Jim made a decision that entrepreneurship was the only direction for him. He started his first of many companies and never looked back. During this time Jim took his skills regarding the human mind, and combining it with influence, persuasion and communication strategies he launched Lutes International in the early 1990s. Based in San Diego California Jim has taught seminars for, corporations, sales forces, individuals and athletes.

In addition, Jim has been involved in the Direct Sales industry for over 20 years as a sought out trainer and top company producer breaking records in the companies he has aligned himself with. He attributes this to building the people from the inside out to build the business.

“Jim Lutes possesses a unique ability to create performance change in an individual in a fraction of the time it takes his competitors”. The core of humans decisions are based on the programs we acquire, reinforce and grow. Combining Jims various trainings individuals can reach new levels of achievement and fulfillment in all areas of life. The results are at times nothing short of astonishing.