Entrepreneurs in press

This group is created by the SocialAgenda Media team (http://SocialAgendaMedia.com/ Like us https://www.facebook.com/SocialAgendaMedia)for entrepreneurs and those interested in starting a business, to connect with marketing partners, and reporters who are looking for business content and visionaries to interview and feature in their publication, radio show, television news or feature segment.
The goal is to identify and publicize content that can empower, educate and motivate understandings and solutions. We especially welcome products, services, ideas, information and examples that lift us above arguments and debates about the symptoms plaguing our world and instead point us toward solutions that actually work.
Press appearance opportunities and tips for getting media attention will be published here to help entrepreneurs working to advance the social agenda to spread the word about their ventures.
Feel free to share your story here. Let us help to spread the word about your good works!
Please reshare the most interesting members' stories, so the group helps its members to build their entrepreneurial brands.