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Welcome to EGU. Your Admins are Michelle Reinhardt & Vincent Molina, feel free to connect with us anytime if we can help you.

The vision of EGU is to provide and hold the space for growth of Spiritual Entrepreneurs, those who grow their business through serving others.
As such Spam will be deleted & those offending will be removed Please read the themes below they are as a guide only, as consider "giving value" before receiving benefit" I am Home business specialist and Spiritual Entrepreneur & Transition Guide. If you are looking for Small, Medium or Massive change in your life i have something for you. http://www.onechoiceonelife.com/

This is a group for Spiritual Entrepreneurs to Authentically Unite, Connect and Share. Please note the Themes as mentioned below. . We only advertise on Wednesday. Any day feel free to share anything that brings you happiness, inspiration and motivation. and ensure you put a #'s in front of the days -

Please insert the daily hashtag exactly as below at the top of your post so your post becomes searchable in the future.

#MarketingMonday.The Heartbeat of all our businesses is Marketing Let's Share what's hot and what's not.

#TargetTuesday - What is the One specific target you want to reach this week - write it on the board and be accountable.

Today is the day to raise each others social media presence. Post your fan pages and like all those that like yours (if its a vibrational fit of course) How can we work together to help each other. Promotional links are welcome today.

Do you have any or need any cool little tips or tricks that have made your life easier ie: time management ideas?

#FreebeeFriday Today is the day to share your free gifts & talents with the group. Do you have time to offer a free Consult in exchange for a testimonial ?

#SpiritualSaturday & #SpiritualSunday
Motivational content to inspire & raise our own and the groups vibration. The Law of attraction is at play, we are a group of Creators, our combined energy has the power to create miracles.

Group members,negative posts of any kind or demeaning another member is grounds for being permanently terminated from the group.

Namaste one and all. xx Michelle & Vincent