This group is for people with entrepreneurial mind. If you are an entrepreneurial please share your views regarding entrepreneurship, business strategy, market planning, managing the organization and taking risks. The scope of networking within the country and beyond is of vital importance for entrepreneurship development and this forum may be used to maximize your output from networking.

Risk taking is part of entrepreneurship culture and this forum may be used to discuss risks involved in entrepreneurship and strategies to mitigate risks. Other topics of discussion may be trade channels, WTO issues affecting business, interactions with trade bodies, business and economy related issues, supply chain and value chain management, branding issues, SME development, urban and rural marketing, product planning and implementation issues, event planning, intellectual product management, etc.

This platform may also be used to connect with entrepreneurs and bounce ideas.

Everyone is invited and speak-up on different aspects of entrepreneurship including competition, understanding the market, picking the right products and services, knowing when to go deep and when to retract, finding the life balance and working with finances and financial institutions, hiring, training, motivation and organizational and organizational issues are all purview of this forum.

The scope has been purposely kept broad for vibrant and engaging discussions. Let us also use this forum to develop strategic business links and not use the forum for blasting personal advertisements only. Let us use the platform to gel ideas and perhaps also connect the idea champions with the investors here as well.