Entrepreneurs On The Move

'Entrepreneurs On The Move' Group is the premier organization for entrepreneurs on Facebook. From its establishment in 2011, collectively many of the group members inspire, connect, and share knowledge and best practice with one another to create real value that potentially leads to business growth and success.

This unique transfer of wisdom in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, supports growing businesses, nurtures emerging talent and helps to create the wealth, jobs and opportunities that are a major contribution to the sustainable transformation of our economy.

Harnessing over 10,000 entrepreneurial members via Facebook, The Group supports people already established in business and, those taking their first steps.

The Group is affiliated with the EOTM Awards, which is the groups namesake --
'Entrepreneurs On The Move.'

It's tags are "Entrepreneurs Biggest Night" and Entrepreneurs "Changing The World."

The EOTMs is an accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & Media Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts. www.eotmawards.com

***A couple quick group rules & tips to get you started***

1. Monday is the ONLY day we do not self promote. We've labeled this day, " No Advertising "Monday's"
in an effort to network effectively with group members of ENTREPRENEURS ON THE MOVE, we will be asking members NOT to post any types of advertising or promotions on the group page on Monday's -- starting October 3, 2011.

Instead, feel free to post any motivational quotes or postings on introducing yourself, success tips, questions of the day, jokes, pictures, things of the sort.

All advertisements or promotional postings on Monday's will be removed and members that continue to violate group rules will be banned.

2. Spamming - Zero Tolerance

3. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Posts

Please note...Entrepreneurs On The Move FB Group will approve ONLY 1 Multi Level Marketing (MLM) post daily from members.... due to the high volume of MLM spam.

All others will be deleted.

4. Promoting vs Spamming in Facebook Groups

There are lot of "Entrepreneurs" on Facebook who just Spam Groups with their offers....thinking they are promoting effectively.

Here's a little helpful information to get noticed and get a SALE!

a. FREE is GOOD: Offer Tips, free consults....Post stimulating content to encourage conversation.
b. What are the advantages, why are you different than your competition? c. Future clients want to know.
c. Participate in groups...ask a question..answer a post...and be active....
d. Comment on other posts..not just your own.
e. Do not Post your link in other peoples threads unless its relevant to their content

We realize this can be a bit overwhelming however starting here should help form positive brand recognition and responsive follower bases -- without driving yourself, fellow group members and friends crazy.