Environmental Mountaineering in the Philippines

The Noble Blue Falcons International
( Environmentalists, Peace Crusaders)


Noble Blue Falcons International is a membership- based association dedicated to environmental conservation, just and sustainable peace and membership unity through eco-tourism, rule of law and economic people's empowerment.


Noble Blue Falcons International takes the lead in environmental protection, peace advocacy and membership unity-for the world.

Core Values: NBFI protects and promotes the Environment, Peace and Unity through acts of volunteerism and camaraderie that prioritize and respect the NBFI Code of Honor-Righteousness and Meaningful life.

Center for Environmental Excellence
Institute of Environmental Mountaineers

Principle of Environmental Mountaineering

Pioneered by the Noble Blue Falcons Environmental Mountaineers with the founding of NBFI in 1996 at the peak of Mt Falcon, Philippines by combining passion climbing and environmental advocacy. From thereon, the NBFIEM became popular not only for conquering heights but most of all for patrolling the mountains versus forest destroyers.

We will bring the spirit of service not only to the mountains but also to our less fortunate fellows. In so doing, we are conquering heights not only for our own glories but for reasons higher than ourselves.”

Rules in Environmental Mountaineering

Aside from pictures, take nothing but garbage; Aside from footprints, leave nothing but tree seedlings; Aside from time, kill nothing but bad habits. Save the only world we have-the Mother Earth!”

Center for Environmental Excellence
Institute of Environmental Mountaineers

1. Advocates environmental Awareness, protection and conservation

2. Promote Aurora Province as a premiere destination for eco-tourism

3. Encourage people to take mountaineering both as a sport and a hobby

4. Instill the spirit of camaraderie among the participants

5. Offer opportunity for people to mediate and commune with nature

6. Train the participants as skilled environmentalists

7. Comply with all local and international conventions in relation to the environment

8. Learn the community attitudes, cultural values, local customs, and beliefs

9. Familiarize with different mountains in the country

10. Introduce mountaineering for a cause where mountaineers plant trees ( Seedlings) as they climb.

“Mountaineering is not only about conquering heights or breaking personal records-it is about motivating people, rich or poor to the mountains for them to both enjoy and protect it. I would rather climb a single mountain with a multitude of transformed environmental mountaineers with me rather than scale a hundred peaks alone and for my own glory. For I learned in my life, that the hardest things to conquer are not the highest mountains but the hearts of men.”

-Prof. Joseph Beatriz Usita
Father of Environmental Mountaineering in the Philippines

Everyone who believes in environmental mountaineering is welcome ...