EPFL - sell/search/gift/auction

A group for EPFL students who want to sell/give stuff they no longer need.
Please delete your post when you have sold/found your item! Thanks.

suggested formats:
SELL: [title] <price> {description+photos}
GIVE: [title] {description+photo} {optional: where to pick up}
SEARCH: [title] {description} <price suggestion>
AUCTION: [title] <base price> <end time> <optional: price step> {description+photos}

You can post in either English or French

P.S. if you want more privacy ask people to contact you via private message (pm) to exchange more information and/or coordinates.

alternatives services:
https://www.petitesannonces.epfl.ch/ (run by AgePoly, login Gaspar)
www.ChillingMonkey.com (for Swiss University students)