EP Skydivers, Grahamstown

When you do decide to go tandem skydiving at EP Skydivers, it will be an experience you will never forget!. This 7 day a week skydiving operation specializes in tandem skydives and is equipped to offer you the best professional service!

The most obvious difference between normal skydiving and tandem skydiving is, on a tandem two people are secured together.

The passenger is along for the ride of their lives while the tandem-master has all the jump responsibilities.

A tandem skydive is the safest way a person can be introduced to all the thrills of skydiving. Our Tandem-masters are highly skilled professional skydivers with thousands of jumps behind them.

If you wish to skydive and choose tandem-skydiving for your first jump this is what you can expect. When arriving at EP Skydivers in Grahamstown, situated at the Grahamstown Aerodrome, you will be greeted by their friendly staff and attend to the necessary paperwork. After this, a tandem-master will train you on basic aircraft exit techniques, free-fall, and landing procedures. You will be ready to go after watching a short tandem video.

A scenic 25 minute plane ride with views of the spectacular Eastern Cape coastline will take you to 12,000 ft (4km) above the ground. You will then leave the aircraft secured to your tandem-master and free fall for 50 seconds. The parachute will open and you will have a gentle canopy ride of around 7 - 9 minutes ending with a gentle landing in front of clubhouse.

A Scenic 12 minute flight on board of our turbine
Atlas Angel Turbine aircraft...
Will take you to 12 000 ft (4km)...
freefall for 50 seconds...
• Tandem Skydive 12 000 feet (freefall for 50 seconds) R2,000.00
• Tandem Skydive 14 000 feet (freefall for 70 seconds) R2,500.00
• 3rd eye cameraman with DVD and 200 plus stills R450.00
• HandCam with DVD R400.00
• Static line training course including first jump R1,000.00


Contact us:

Joos 082 800-9263 joosvos@eastcape.net
James 082 441-2055 james@geenet.co.za

Skydiving in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, the friendly dropzone based in Grahamstown.