Ethiopian Students of Architecture Association

This notice is issued to let you know about the commencement of the Ethiopian Association of Students of Architecture headquartered in Mekelle University. The maiden venture aims to bring together all the other Institutes of Architecture in Ethiopia under one umbrella body. To the best of our knowledge there already exists seven such Esteemed Institutes dissipating Architecture as a professional Degree course to the future generation of nation builders. Namely, Gondar University, Adama University, EiABC (Addis Ababa), Arba Minch University, Welega University, Welkite University, Dire Dawa University.

It is the first and only such initiative of its kind and we look forward to your active participation and support.Since we are in a formative stage it will be apt to apprise you of our broad goals and objectives.

A non-political, non-profit student centered organization

Increasing awareness about architecture domestically

Taking Ethiopian architecture to the world
Exchange academic experiences and sharing ideas between member Institutions

Recording and documenting works of the students for posterity

Participating actively in forums to improve current learning systems

Publishing an Architectural Journal

Mobilizing Alumni participation

Assisting students for Internship (Domestic and International)

Assisting students for Recruitment (Domestic and International)

Assisting meritorious students from unstable backgrounds