ESN Photography Club (Iceland)

Shamelessly share your most amazing photos! A place for amateurs and professionals alike.

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Who can join
This group is open to all students, local and international, living in Iceland. You do NOT have to be an ESN member to participate!

Be nice
Please contact the photographer and ask for permission before you download/edit/use/share any of the photos posted in this group. Most photographers are happy to see their work being appreciated.

Please do not post a photo album with too many photos, unless they are ALL AMAZING! Instead, only pick your favourite ones to share.

Legal stuff
All photos are posted under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence, unless otherwise specified.

ESN Reykjavik does NOT own any rights to photos posted in this group, they are the property of the photographer.

Any posts not related to this group, may be removed without further notice, and can lead to poster being removed or banned from the group.